Student Meals

Breakfast is something that city dwellers like us are familiar with. The only choices we have to make are whether to have breakfast and what to have.

But in some places in Myanmar like the rural areas of the Ayeyarwady region, local residents are so impoverished that they can only have two simple meals a day: lunch and dinner.  The lunch boxes that students bring to school from home are often filled with white rice and a small amount of vegetables and fish fry or pickled dishes. Meat is rarely seen.

In Lashio, the Chinese schools starts at 6am, and because of the financial circumstances, students studying at Chinese schools often go without breakfast. As a result, students suffer from malnutrition and feel hungry during class.

It is very important that developing children have a balanced and nutritious diet. Breakfast is an important meal; it allows them to start the school day feeling energised.  At present, Sowers Action is helping to provide 3000 students in the southern Ayeyarwady region and northern township of Lashio with one year’s worth of meals. Would you join us in this endeavour?