Your participation
In 1992, two of our founder volunteers spent a whole day travelling to poverty stricken areas in Yangshan County, Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province. With strong ambition and passion, they managed to visit a list of primary schools even with limited information and resources. This marked the first milestone of our education aid service.
Fundraising Activities
Fundraising activities is one of our key donation income. We welcome you to join us to promote and raise fund for improving the learning conditions for children in need.
Work Group
Every potential project must go through a series of assessment and evaluation. We organize work groups and mobilize our volunteers to help us conduct on-site assessments and evaluation.
Personal Donation
Corporate Support
In addition to personal donation, support from community and business sectors is equally important. Through cooperation with Sowers Action, enterprises and corporations can deliver your social responsibility and actively help improve the lives of the less fortunate.
Our alliance
Our alliance