What if there is no education?
Without education, one may have to struggle at the bottom of a society, resulting in intergenerational poverty. The whole community and even the whole country become hopelessness.
Overview of Education in Mainland China
China provides 9 years free education for primary and junior high school students, implementing the “Two remissions and One subsidy”: – remissions of miscellaneous and textbook fees, subsidy for boarding students. In recent years, China has trial-run 12 years free education including high school education in a few regions. Yet, being a country with 13 billions of population, it is an enormous figure to have every single issue applied to every single person. As announced in 2015, there are still 592 poverty-stricken counties* by the State Council standards, and it is real not easy to universally implement 12 years free education.
Our assistance
We believe that every child has the right to receive education, regardless of rich or poor, handicapped or able-bodied, ill or sound. Based on our principle of “Multipurpose Educational Aid”, besides providing Student SponsorshipSchool Construction and Facilities, we also care about related support in the surrounding environment. Wherever there is a need, we will offer our services, hoping to see no children cannot go to school because of poverty.
How we can help?
Fair opportunities for education, popularity of education, a mature new generation form the ground of nurturing a healthy society. We deeply believe that unfairness, injustice and illegal issues will be vanished in China one day.